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Open Letter To Team Papan

Dear Team Papan: Less than two weeks to go until the Primary Election! Our volunteers are pounding the pavement and engaging voters in every community daily, and the response has been tremendous!

On Monday, our communications piece featuring an Interview with Diane by County Board of Supervisors President Don Horsley on her work as a founding member of OneShoreline was received district-wide. OneShoreline is the independent agency overseeing the fight to prevent flooding and rising seas in San Mateo County. Diane Papan’s work with this first of its kind County district is already yielding dividends for our community. Among several other initiatives, OneShoreline is coordinating a significant flood control project on the Burlingame bayshore recently featured in the Daily Journal. As Deputy Mayor of San Mateo, Diane is also leading efforts to develop a regional advanced water purification facility to treat wastewater for reuse.

Said Board President Horsley this week: “Diane Papan’s leadership on climate change, flooding, sea level rise and wildfire protection spans years. I am proud to endorse Diane Papan so she can take her vision and leadership to Sacramento, ensuring a sustainable future for all Californians.” Read his interview with Diane here.

Unfortunately, Giselle Hale has continued a months-long campaign of attempting to discredit Diane’s leadership and track record with absurd and untrue allegations. Our campaign calls on Hale to explain why she continues to mislead voters about her false declaration of being a lifelong Democrat, when public voter registration records show that is simply not true.

Said former State Senator Jerry Hill, “Diane Papan’s integrity, ethics and leadership in San Mateo County is beyond reproach — and that’s why she has my sole endorsement as our next Assemblymember. She is a real leader producing results for our county. Diane Papan is honest, accountable and gets things done.”

Thanks for your continued support!

Democratically Yours,

Papan Campaign Team


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