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“As your Central Committee Member, I will champion priorities that make our communities and our future safer and stronger—with a vision for ensuring every family and resident has the services they need.” – Gina

“I firmly believe that San Mateo County residents deserve safe communities, that those breaking the law deserve to be held accountable, and that policing approaches that build partnership and trust with the community are vital in the fight to reduce crime.
As a former CA Deputy Attorney General, I know how to work collaboratively with both law enforcement and the community to address gun violence, keep our schools safe, and prioritize mental health support and violence prevention programs countywide.“

Public safety for everyone:

Providing compassionate, effective
solutions to homelessness:

"As Vice Mayor of Millbrae, I championed innovative programs utilizing LifeMoves’ outreach to engage individuals experiencing homelessness and provide supportive services, access to resources, while effectively transitioning them to interim and permanent housing. 
As a Central Committee Member, I’ll expand these successful approaches countywide and increase affordable housing options for our local workforce, first responders, and unhoused residents.”


Addressing the effects of climate change:

“As a representative on the Resource Management and Climate Protection Committee for San Mateo County, I am working on day one to address the local fire, flood, drinking water, and power outage impacts of climate change countywide.
As a Central Committee Member and City Coucilmember, I’ll continue to support aggressive action to fight the impacts of climate change locally, including preparing for flooding from climate-induced atmospheric rivers and repeated power outages, reducing fire risks including funding year-round investment in wildfire prevention, air quality and vegetation management, and promoting water conservation in the dry seasons.”

Serving the whole needs
of the child: 

“As a director of John’s Closet , a nonprofit which has served nearly 25,000 underprivileged children in San Mateo County, I see firsthand how critically needed the wraparound services at our local schools and community institutions are. 
As your As a Central Committee Member, I’ll build on my work as a children's nonprofit director and local educator to ensure our party expands access to affordable childcare programs, mental health and anti-bullying programs, and shelter and support services for unhoused children and their families."

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