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A Message From Team Papan

Dear Friends, Supporters and Coalition Partners:

Thank you for your unwavering support for Diane Papan’s candidacy for the Assembly. We remain focused on putting forward the Deputy Mayor’s vision for a healthy, safe and sustainable future forward. And we are grateful to you and our broad coalition of supporters who make the case daily to the voters of the 21st Assembly District.

A highlight of the week was the following statement from our Firefighters about the Papan candidacy. “Firefighters support Diane because she is a proven leader on fire safety issues. As an Assemblymember she will address the wildfire prevention protections Californians so urgently need.”

It’s unfortunate that for months Giselle Hale has chosen to go negative — attacking and lying about Diane Papan. Hale has also repeatedly lied about her own record, including submitting a false statement to Elections Officials to mislead voters about the fact she wasn’t a Democrat for a significant portion of the last decade and her false claims she was endorsed by Firefighters. Her deceptive conduct led the Firefighters to issue the following statement: “Recently, Redwood City Mayor Giselle Hale, a candidate in the Assembly District 21 race, stated in a political mail advertisement that she is supported by firefighters. This is not true. The California Professional Firefighters and The San Mateo County Firefighters I.A.F.F Local 2400 have solely endorsed Diane Papan for Assembly (John Wurdinger, President of IAFF 2400 and CPF President Brian Rice.) The voters deserve the truth and we will stay vigilant against deception.

Deputy Mayor Papan remains focused on the issues that matter to our communities, and that’s why Papan is going to win the Election. Again, thank you for your support and let’s keep working through June 7th!

Team Papan


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