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Eyes on the road not the garbage

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

By Sue Lempert - Mar 16, 2020

Cheryl Angeles, head of the San Mateo Area Chamber of Commerce, called and said she wanted to show me some things. I thought she was going to take me on a tour of San Mateo's downtown and point out unclean streets. Instead we headed out on State Route 92 from the Alameda de las Pulgas and headed west to Interstate 280. And yes there was plenty of trash on both sides of the freeway.

She then drove north on Insterstate 280 to the Serramonte Boulevard exit and it was even worse in some spots. Tires — we counted 15 in all on that trip. People have a flat and just leave the tire on the roadside. And papers, litter, orange highway cones. It's even worse when you head south on Interstate 280 heading toward State Route 92. We know Caltrans is busy. They are in charge of the state highways, but this is a dangerous eyesore and needs to be removed. Also, people have to be reminded not to throw their trash out the window or discard their tires on the road. If there is a fine maybe it should be upped with big signs to let people know the cost of littering. Three cheers for Angeles. She has the contact with Caltrans thanks to Metropolitan Transportation Commission representative Gina Papan and will not relent until the state starts cleaning up the mess. For full article click here

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