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Homeless BART riders a concern for Millbrae officials

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Millbrae urges transit agency to aid displaced riders at end of the line

By Austin Walsh Daily Journal staff, Apr 20, 2020

Riders swept from BART trains at the end of the line pose a problem to Millbrae officials seeking to stem a rise in the city’s homeless population while also meeting the needs of those with nowhere to go.

In a discussion brokered by state legislators, the rail agency agreed to implement minor measures which Millbrae officials appreciated, while claiming more substantial efforts are necessary to comprehensively address the issue.

Millbrae Mayor Reuben Holober hoped to identify a lasting solution — the need for which is amplified amid a global pandemic and regional stay-at-home order designed to stem the spread of coronavirus.

“There needs to be, especially with the shelter-in-place order, a place for these people to go,” he said. “It’s not really humane to leave them on the street.”

Riders who are homeless or experiencing housing insecurity are frequently taking the train to the end of the line in Millbrae, where officials said they are ushered out of the station.

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