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Economic Recovery

COVID Recovery — A Stronger Millbrae


A Stronger Millbrae: Supporting Small Businesses:

  • Millbrae was the first city in San Mateo County to establish encouragement permits for restaurants to set up outside service on sidewalks and street parking spaces.

  • Millbrae has moved Building Permit applications to a fully online format, keeping workers employed.

  • Millbrae is working with the San Mateo County Economic Development Association (SAMCEDA), to grant $130,000 to our small businesses beginning May 2020 with Measure K & City Funds.  

  • See the full list of San Mateo County cities that have received grants, up to $10,000 for each of our businesses- please follow these links:  SanMateoStrongBusinessGrants.


A Stronger Millbrae: Helping frontline workers, families, and neighbors in need: 

  • As a regional representative to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), distributed CARES funds to local and regional transportation agencies.

  • Spearheaded the Great Plates Program, recruiting local restaurants to provide food for Senior residents sheltering in place.

  • Established emergency child care for front line workers.

  • Assisted with Face Mask Distribution to residents, slowing the spread of Covid-19. 

  • Limited food delivery fee charges to aid restaurants & customers.

  • Worked with Second Harvest and Labor Unions on food distribution to families in need.

  • Connecting Individuals With Core Services and Agencies: providing food assistance, housing, mental health and wellness programs to address domestic violence, substance abuse, depression or isolation issues to those in need.

Supporting Economic Growth — A Stronger Millbrae


A Stronger Millbrae: Leading Sustainability and Economic Growth: 

  • Opposing the Statewide High-Speed Rail Authorities’ attempt to destroy existing housing, approved housing, and commercial developments at the transit center essential to our economic recovery.  

  • Ensuring that proposed developments at the El Rancho and other developments on the transit corridor pay their fair share for services and minimize impacts on traffic and city resources.

  • Recruiting and encouraging new diverse businesses to increase our local tax base, including: 

    • Working to allow Target to lease the OSH commercial space location instead of a non-tax revenue generating project, as currently proposed by the San Francisco officials who control the site.

    • Welcoming new businesses to Millbrae, i.e. Lucid Motors, to help diversify our tax base. 

    • Working with new companies to make their experiences more efficient, less time consuming, to expedite economic recovery.  


   A Stronger Millbrae: Revitalizing our Downtown Core:

  • Working with downtown property owners to complete the proposed the City’s Business Improvement District (BID).

  • Collaborating with businesses and property owners to ensure they are accountable to cleaning store fronts and sidewalks.

  • Ensuring proactive enforcement of Millbrae’s littering ordinance – no more cigarette butts or trash on our streets.

  • Ensuring a more vibrant downtown by enacting storefront vacancy ordinances so absentee landlords don’t leave spaces vacant for years. 

  • Increase public engagement and transparency of the Downtown revitalization process.

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