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For quality of life & clean air

I will continue my  full-throated advocacy to address the challenges and opportunities facing our community in these uncertain times, including maintaining public safety, fiscal stability, quality of life services, job preservation and creation, tackling affordable housing, improving public transportation, and responsible development that benefits all Millbrae residents.


As Millbrae, San Mateo County, and our entire region continues to plan for appropriate transit-oriented development for the Inter-Modal Station area, I will continue to advocate for development that will be  something the community can be proud of and be served by for decades to come – seamlessly connecting BART, Caltrain, SamTrans, SFO's AirTrain, Corporate Shuttles, Taxis, pedestrians, bicycles, drop off traffic, and a future High Speed Rail stop.

I will continue to  work  with our state legislators to require transit providers to be accountable to the people who need and want to use public transportation, and with the community to make sure your concerns continue to be addressed.

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